Founded in San Francisco in 1992
, the Singapore America Business Association (SABA) is the premier association strategically linking North America with Singapore and Asia. SABA’s members include successful corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

With the arrival of the Asia Pacific Century, SABA aims to provide its members with an intimate arena from which to facilitate access to business opportunities in North America, Singapore and throughout Asia. To this end, SABA is established upon the following objectives:

Promote the interests of SABA members to corporations, government agencies, and institutions in Singapore, Asia and North America.
Be a knowledge leader for information on current issues affecting cross-border business throughout the Pacific Rim.
Be a catalyst for business opportunities, inquiries, investments and introductions between Northern America, Singapore and Asia.
Provide a platform for established and emerging companies to network and build relationships.
Provide leadership for local and regional organizations to create and expand Pacific Rim market opportunities.
Facilitate cooperation among Asian and North American professionals doing business on either side of the Pacific.